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Had enough of battles over screen time and social media?
Feel their online lives are out of your control?

Welcome to Family Zone.

A simple intelligent and complete cyber safety solution, designed by Australian parents who understand what you’re up against.

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We've teamed up with cyber experts

What our customers say

"I enjoy hearing the angry sigh come from my kids' rooms when they try to get by with gaming after bed or during study time."


"I finally feel like I don't have to hover over my 8yo daughter's shoulder at all times to see what she's doing online."


"I feel very safe with my kids on their iPads. I know that Family Zone is there watching over them."


Protect Our Kids

David and Katie are gifted communicators who have been speaking to students across Australia on the topics of sex, dating, relationships and the impact of pornography for the past 5 years. Having spoken to over 100,000 students, parents and teachers in live audiences they have seen first hand the struggles young people are having in navigating the online world in a safe, healthy, and mature way. Over the years, they have received countless emails from concerned parents as to what best they could do to protect their kids from the dangers involved growing up in an online society.

ySafe Solutions

ySafe Solutions was founded in response to an increasing concern from West Australian parents, voicing that they needed more information about what their children were doing in the online world. The name ySafe Solutions reflects the only objective of the business - to keep your Gen Y's safe online. So how can we help you?

Pete Brown - Cyber Safety Teacher

I'm an IT geek, a parent, a believer in lifelong learning, a passionate educator and a frustrated musician.

I am also a High School IT teacher here in Western Australia. This is a job I love. I work with an amazing team and an engaged community.

Being the local IT guy I'm deeply involved in cyber safety. I work with the faculty, our kids and their parents on issues, incidents and solutions.

Dr Kristy Goodwin

I'm Dr. Kristy Goodwin, a children's technology, learning and development researcher, speaker and author (and mum!). I'm on a mission to help parents feel confident raising their kids in this digital age.

Cyber Mum Australia

Hi, I'm Caroline your Cyber Mum. I’m thrilled to be working in partnership with Family Zone to help you regain control of your kid’s online world. I’m a business professional working with social media daily, a Cyber Safety columnist, and most importantly a parent of two digital aged teen and tween aged children. I understand firsthand what we the parents are facing and the challenges the digital world is presenting for you and your kids.

Kim Maslin

My name is Kim Maslin and I am a West Australian educator who is passionate about digital technologies and developing healthy life-long learning habits. Being a digital native I have grown up with the Internet and been around social media for the better part of my life! This has given me first-hand insight into how children and teenagers use these technologies, and the risks that can arise