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family zone

Family Zone gives you complete control over what your kids are doing online, and when and where they are doing it. If you want peace of mind when they’re online, sign up to Family Zone now.



It’s the world’s most comprehensive approach to online safety
and it’s simple to set up and easy to use!





Nicole, Australia

What we hoped to gain was cyber safety. And that was achieved. What we didn’t expect was our kid’s changing relationship with their devices. The time management aspect of family zone “sleep & play & school” means we no longer have arguments. They have now almost lost interest in their devices. They play board games with each other and actually do homework. TRANSFORMING!!!!!!

Jeffrey D R, USA

Very glad to of come across this product. It is part of my connectivity group now and ts right in. I feel very safe with my kids on their iPads. I know that Family Zone is there watching over them!! Great work!

Michael K, USA

The very best thing about Family Zone so far, peace of mind. I finally feel like I don’t have to hover over my 8 year old daughter’s shoulder at all times to see what she’s doing online. It’s such a relief to know that this device keeps her safe online.



No. Family Zone uses an innovative ‘fast filtering technology’ on the Home Networking service. The affect of the Family Zone filters should be imperceptible to most users. Family Zone also by default does not block or track adult users. And our Box includes an Unfiltered WiFi network so adults, media devices or whatever else you choose can be easily set to bypass the Family Zone entirely.


Only if you want it to. Adults are assigned an Adult Profile by default. This profile has relaxed policy settings. Family Zone also offers an Unfiltered WiFi network which can be used to bypass the Family Zone entirely.


Yes. Family Zone enables you to click and block the sites and apps you don’t want your kids to access. It works with most of the popular social media sites, including Instagram, KIK, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. You can selectively choose access levels, and apply different settings for younger or older kids.


A Family Zone Box will cover all devices in the home, no matter how many you have, and plans start from AU$4.95 per month. The Box costs AU$89.00 upfront (plus shipping). If you want to protect smart (mobile) devices that leave the home then you will need to select a plan which enables more Family Zone services. For example you can use a Family Zone Box at home and protect two smart devices with Family Zone Apps for only AU$6.95 per month. We also highly recommend the services of Cyber Experts. They give you recommended cyber safety settings and make sure they’re kept up to date. This costs as little as AU$2.95 per month. Our signup process will work you through your options and tailor a package that’s right for you.


No. You don’t need to be a technology genius to get up and running. Generally it’s as easy as plugging the Family Zone Box into your home router. Then, you just need to get your home computers and devices on the Family Zone WiFi network - the same as you would joining any WiFi network. If you are absolutely tech-averse, you can always get our partners at the Computer Troubleshooters to set up your home for a low once-off fee. Once you’re set-up, you can adopt the settings of a Cyber Expert. This means you don’t have to do any of the work keeping up to date with technology, apps and online risks, which makes it easy for you!


Yes. Each member of your Family has a routine. This is the times of the day which are classified as sleep time, school time, study time and play time. Internet access settings are different for each of these access times. You can quickly change these routines to the nearest 15 minutes allowing you to tailor internet access to your Family’s needs.


Yes. Family Zone’s technology has been designed to work in harmony with school technologies. In fact, more and more schools are recommending Family Zone to parents to manage kids safety online.


The use of connected technology is changing so fast. Risks emerge daily and few parents can keep up. Understanding this challenge we have teamed up with trusted Cyber Experts. By choosing a Cyber Expert you adopt their recommendations and take advantage of their ongoing efforts to identify and limit the threats to your kids, which means one less thing you have to worry about! Of course you can do-it-yourself, however we strongly recommend you benefit from the experience of Cyber Experts. To find out more, check out our Cyber Expert webpage.


Family Zone works in two ways. Firstly, at home, there’s the Family Zone box that is connected to your wiFi modem. This effectively filters internet content and ensures that all devices on the network are safe and protected online. Secondly, for when kids are out-and-about on their smart devices, there’s a mobile App which is consistent with the settings they have at home. You control it all by the Family Zone portal - which is simply a site where you manage all of your devices, settings and family members.


If using the Family Zone Box (home networking) it’s unlikely they can unless they access your old WiFi network. So when implementing the Family Zone you should remove your kid’s access to other home WiFi networks.

If out-and-about on a smart device and being protected by the Family Zone App, then if they delete the App they’ll be disconnected from the internet and you’ll be quickly alerted. There are more sophisticated ways kids may try to hack or violate the App or the device's operating system. Family Zone can typically detect these and will notify you.

Protect Our Kids

David and Katie are gifted communicators who have been speaking to students across Australia on the topics of sex, dating, relationships and the impact of pornography for the past 5 years. Having spoken to over 100,000 students, parents and teachers in live audiences they have seen first hand the struggles young people are having in navigating the online world in a safe, healthy, and mature way. Over the years, they have received countless emails from concerned parents as to what best they could do to protect their kids from the dangers involved growing up in an online society.

Website : www.protectourkids.com.au

ySafe Solutions

ySafe Solutions was founded in response to an increasing concern from West Australian parents, voicing that they needed more information about what their children were doing in the online world. The name ySafe Solutions reflects the only objective of the business - to keep your Gen Y's safe online. So how can we help you?

Website : www.ysafe.com.au

Pete Brown - Cyber Safety Teacher

I'm an IT geek, a parent, a believer in lifelong learning, a passionate educator and a frustrated musician.

I am also a High School IT teacher here in Western Australia. This is a job I love. I work with an amazing team and an engaged community.

Being the local IT guy I'm deeply involved in cyber safety. I work with the faculty, our kids and their parents on issues, incidents and solutions.

Website : www.cybersafeschool.com.au

Dr Kristy Goodwin

I'm Dr. Kristy Goodwin, a children's technology, learning and development researcher, speaker and author (and mum!). I'm on a mission to help parents feel confident raising their kids in this digital age.

Website : /www.drkristygoodwin.com

Cyber Mum Australia

Hi, I'm Caroline your Cyber Mum. I’m thrilled to be working in partnership with Family Zone to help you regain control of your kid’s online world. I’m a business professional working with social media daily, a Cyber Safety columnist, the wife of a Cyber Tech and most importantly a parent of two digital aged teen and tween aged children. I understand firsthand what we the parents are facing and the challenges the digital world is presenting for you and your kids.

Website : www.cybermumaus.com

3103 Communications

My name is Kim Maslin and I am the founder of Perth-based business 3103 Communications and a Media/Technologies teacher for Years 5 to 12 students. These two roles allow me to do what I love most, educate others about digital communication technologies. Being a digital native I have grown up with the Internet and been around social media for the better part of my life! This has given me first-hand insight into how children and teenagers use these technologies, and the risks that can arise.

Website : www.3103communications.com

Safe on Social

Kirra has spent the last 24 years working in Information Security, Risk Management, and Business Consulting. Kirra has provided strategic advice to government and industry and held State Director level positions with key international business consulting firms in Brisbane, Australia

In March 2015, Kirra founded Safe on Social to provide a cost effective and comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for schools. Safe on Social service suite fulfil's a school's duty of care to all stakeholders including staff, students, and parents, as well as addressing legal and policy compliance requirements.

Accredited with the Office of the Commissioner of Children's eSafety, Safe on Social has pioneered social media risk management for schools and has extensive references from principals of primary, secondary, public and private schools across Australia.

Website : http://safeonsocial.com

The Modern Parent

I'm a speaker, educator, counsellor and mother to 5 children. With a passion for keeping kids safe and smart online, I am able to merge my professional work and research with the personal experience of raising kids today. With advice, understanding and realistic strategies, parents are able to incorporate technology into their daily lives in a way that minimises the risks, whilst allowing them to take advantage of all the many wonderful benefits this new world has to offer.

Website : http://themodernparent.net/

Be Safe Online

Hello, I'm Eva Wickham founder of Be Safe Online. Be Safe Online teaches you how to implement your own online safety rules tailor made for your children. We're not about giving you advice on how to raise your kids, but our aim is to provide strategic support so you can build your own values into their online social activities. Ultimately, our goal is to help you teach your children to be critical thinkers and behave responsibly and safely online. As a parent of three children in today's technology-driven society, I know all too well how crucial it is to learn how they're connecting online. We'll give you the tools to identify the risks they face when they're on the net. Let's connect through Family Zone to make sure our kids connect safely online.

Website : http://www.besafeonline.net.au