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Family Zone- Mobile Zone for schools

Designed specifically for schools, Mobile Zone is fully integrated within the Family Zone ecosystem and helps schools maintain a duty of care by removing distractions and ensuring that students using ‘hotspots’ or 3G/4G connected devices on school grounds are protected.

It's a powerful and affordable solution to enforce online restrictions and obtain visibility of online behaviour during school hours. The Mobile Zone app protects mobile devices and is available for iOS and Android while the Mobile Zone Agent protects Mac and Windows PCs and laptops.

How it Works

Install the Family Zone Agent on your child’s laptop to extend the Family Zone outside of home. The Family Zone Agent includes a simple interface to register your kids device and for kids to interact with the Family Zone plus it embeds technology to allow you to remotely manage the device and impose internet filters. The Family Zone Agent supports Windows 7 and Mac laptops and desktops running MacOS 10.9 and up.

Filtering when outside of home

Family Zone’s Agent includes technology to route DNS lookups through Family Zone’s filters, providing a duty of care. Our full suite of controls are available including web filters and social network controls.

Safe Search

Family Zone’s Agent imposes Google and Bing safe search restrictions.

YouTube Restrictions

By default Family Zone’s filtered networks impose strict adult content restrictions on YouTube. This blocks all adult rated or unrated content. This can be controlled in the user’s assigned profile.

Child Friendly App

Our App provides a simple interface for your kids to interact with the Family Zone on their laptop devices. They can also “borrow” a communally shared device (provided you’ve assigned them a PIN). Your kids can also send you messages requesting Quick-Time once-off access changes. And for a bit of fun, you can set up personalised avatars for your family and backgrounds.

Works with schools

Through the Family Zone School Community, the Mobile Zone Agent works with your school’s filtering to ensure school internet policies apply during school time. Mobile Zone is flexible to allow parents to maintain or disable device protection outside of school hours.


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