Block Apps on iOS & Android

With Family Zone, you can easily manage individual games or apps, or block entire categories

How do I block apps on my child's smartphone or tablet?


There are two ways Family Zone allows parents to block apps. 

One is to block an entire category of app - social media, or games, for example. The other is to block individual apps - Snapchat, say - while allowing others in the category (Facebook, for example).

For certain age groups, some categories are blocked automatically. Users under age 13, for example, are blocked by default from accessing social media apps.

Parents may choose to change blocked app settings temporarily or permanently.

Did you know

59% of Australian teens have experienced cyberbullying

The solution: Family Zone

Family Zone’s strong, flexible parental controls allow you to manage individual games or apps, or block entire categories. 

Alerts & advice

Ratings, reviews and advice from your chosen expert on the apps your child has downloaded. Plus flexible, real-time alerts that allow you to be notified every time your child downloads a new app

Block social media apps

Users under the age of 13 are blocked by default from accessing any social media apps

Block distractions during study

During certain time periods, specific apps or entire categories can be blocked. For example, during study time, when games and social media are disallowed.

Allow selective access

Parents who allow gaming during play time may still want to block access to one or a number of specific games using Family Zone’s individual app control features.

Parents love Family Zone

“You guys deserve medals! We have got our son back from a downward spiral. My son is actually doing his homework now. We can’t thank you enough, this is what technology should be used for - to benefit the entire family. A truly amazing transformation. You have my complete admiration.”

- Kevin Hobson, Australia