Now hear this! The year's awesomest kids' podcasts

Keen to keep a lid on screen-time? Podcasts for kids are here to help.

Soothing, thrilling, educational, hilarious - the choices are endless. And all of them help develop kids’ imaginations and hone their listening skills.

Bonus: Their eyes will get a rest. And so -  just maybe! - may mum and dad …

Here are some of the best you can download for free right now, wherever you get your podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iTunes or your favourite browser).

ABC Kids Listen

Let’s start right here at home, with the ABC’s dedicated 24/7 radio station and on-demand app. Of course you know all about ABC Kids video content. (Where would be without Playschool, Bluey, Thomas and the gaming??) But our national broadcaster also produced a world of audio content for kids.

abc kids listen

ABC Kids Listen is jam-packed with original podcasts, stories and soundtracks for sleep - music, too, of course - to delight young ears.

Check out two of the most popular for Aussie kids right now …

Has your child ever asked you how goldfish breathe under water - or what happens when you flush one down the toilet? How bees make honey? Why the sun is yellow?? Then this science podcast is for them - and you! Suitable for ages 4 and up.

Join Matt from Play School and one of his super storyteller friends as they are given three words and three minutes to whip up a story, ON THE SPOT! What do a teddy, the colour orange and a castle have in common? No idea! How about a toilet, guitar and a cat? 

Wow in the World

Featuring the latest news in science, technology, and innovation, each episode’s goal is to provide kids with insight, hope, and agency - and to  make them say ‘WOW.’ Each episode also parallels a cool printout activity or experiment. 


The premise of this podcast is simple: If kids understand science, ultimately the world will be a better place. Science is a process that can be a struggle within society - now more than ever! - and by teaching kids about it while they are young, they’ll be able to grow, learn, and understand the necessity of scientific literacy.

What if World

On each episode of “What if World” Mr. Eric takes a “What if?” question from a child and spins it into an exciting story for the listener. What would happen if “a tiny dragon lived in the closet”? Or “if cats ruled the world?” 

what if

Noodle Loaf

“Noodle Loaf” is an interactive podcast created by Dan Saks and his two kids that looks into the world of music, and music education. The 10-minute episodes include movement activities, rhythm games, learning, all including fun music. This show is perfect for kids 3-9 years old.

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

Middle-school listeners, meet Eleanor Amplified, middle school reporter, as she foils devious plots and outwits villains to get the big story. While an entertaining podcast, it also helps to prepare kids to appreciate the world of journalism and to make smart media choices in the future. 

Book Club for Kids

This 20-minute podcast is devoted to middle school books and readers featuring a trio of students who discuss their favorite book, interview with the author, as well as a celebrity guest. Book Club for Kids also allows kids to be on the show, all you need is your smartphone!

Like You: Mindfulness for Kids

“Like You” is a mindfulness podcast for kids, which uses breathing, affirmations, music, and imagination to explore feelings, self-esteem, and grow empathy in a relaxing way. 

With Family Zone, you can keep your children's tech-time healthy and happy, on every device, everywhere.  

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