The Best and Brightest Educational Apps to Download Right Now

Finding quality educational content for kids to engage and connect with - content that supports and inspires their learning - can feel like looking for a needle in the digital haystack. Luckily, the experts have your back.

The word “educational” is catnip to parents - especially when it comes to choosing apps and games for kids. No wonder it’s a label that gets slapped on pretty much any online content aimed at children. 

A lot of that so-called educational content is anything but. And too much of it is riddled with advertising, in-app come-ons and addictive features that actually distract from learning.

To help you find more of the good stuff, here are seven of the top expert-endorsed apps and games for kids that actually deserve the label “educational.”

Wide Open School

A site by Common Sense Media that offers a host of free distance learning activities, from maths quizzes to literature tutorials - for preschool right up through Year 12. 


Aimed at the preschool set, this one features fun literacy-based activities but also hands-on skills like cake-baking and pizza-making.


For gamers aged 6 to 12, a new, fully monitored, kid-friendly alternative to Twitch or Discord, Tankee features age-appropriate gaming videos and a range of fun, safe content.



A free app for learning languages that kids love because it turns learning into a game, with points for correct answers, races against the clock, and snack-sized lessons just right for tiny attention spans.


A platform that teaches kids computer science skills, while reinforcing problem-solving and perseverance. Kids will think it’s all a game - but the learning is serious.


It doesn’t have to be a choice between playing video games OR getting physical exercise. This free app, featuring videos created by child development experts, gets kids moving while they’re playing.

wide open school

Smiling Mind

Learning mindfulness has never been more important than it is right now. Ranked #1 in Health & Wellbeing by Apple Australia in 2018, it uses evidence-based strategies to teach kids (and adults) to tune into inner calm - to enhance learning and wellbeing.


The digital world can open so many doors for our children.

Family Zone's world-leading parental controls can help ensure they get the best out of their online experiences - while staying protected from the worst.

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