Family Zone: Blocking Fortnite with a single click.

If you’ve been fighting a losing battle to lure your child away from Fortnite, you’re in good company.

Fortnite is keeping kids up at night all over the world. It’s also distracting them from study, meals, eye contact and … well, life.

The good news is that Family Zone can help you keep Fortnite from taking your child hostage.



 Since its release as a free download in 2018, Fortnite: Battle Royale has blown away its competitors to become one of the most popular games on earth - praised and criticised in equal measure for its addictive qualities.

Parents - understandably - have multiple concerns about Fortnite. One is violence, although most rating agencies describe it as “mild.” Another is expense. Although the game itself is free to play, in-app purchases can add up fast.

Online chat is another feature that makes the game problematic for kids, exposing them to audio or text chatter from strangers of all ages.

But arguably the most worrying thing for parents (and teachers) is the very quality that has made Fortnite such a massive world-wide hit: its addictiveness. A nicer way of putting it is that it is super-fun to play - and super-hard to stop playing.

No wonder Fortnite is keeping kids up at night all over the world - distracting them from study, meals and … well, life.

The good news is that Family Zone can help you keep Fortnite from taking your child hostage.


PROBLEM: Fortnite is keeping my child up at night


SOLUTION: A simple setting on your Family Zone account, Sleep-time, can fix the Fortnite all-nighter  in the blink of an eye. Our Sleep-time setting shuts off the internet on all of your child’s devices at a time set by you. (Experts recommend an hour before bedtime.) You can even set weekend and school-night sleep-times, or make quick changes to allow or block access at any time.


PROBLEM: Fortnite is distracting my child from study


SOLUTION: With Family Zone’s Study-time setting, you can easily program your child’s device to access only educational sites and apps for whatever portion of the day you deem appropriate. Once homework is done, your child’s device switches to Play-time - including play on Fortnite.


PROBLEM: My child is too young/immature/impulsive to be playing Fortnite




Simply block Fortnite entirely, without affecting your settings for other games or apps. Here's all you need to do:

  1. Log into your Family Zone account
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Internet filters & rules
  4. Select the relevant age group (e.g. Seniors 16-17) from the drop down
  5. Select Social networks and games from the drop down box
  6. Type Fortnite into the search bar
  7. Toggle the controls (red means block)

fortnite blocked

But remember: as a parent, you are in the best position to judge whether any particular game is appropriate for your family. We recommend playing the game yourself, preferably alongside your child, if you’re uncertain.


If it sounds as if Family Zone could help your family manage Fortnite - or any other problematic game or app - why not sign up for a free trial today?


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