Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | snapchat | Cyber Experts | parenting
Snapchat update

The latest update of SnapChat now tracks your child's location, and marks their location on a map for other users to see. Cyber Expert Jordan from ySafe alerted us to this change and recommends that you turn off this function.

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | online safety | Cyber Experts | parenting | secrets
3 sneaky tricks teens are using to keep secrets online

It's no secret that teens are tech savvy, but just how sneaky are they when it comes to keeping their parents in the dark? At Family Zone, our mission is to help parents keep their children safe online. Part of the job of our Cyber Experts ...

Parental Controls | Pornography | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | parenting | porn
The impact of pornography on teenagers

Studies highlight men as young as 20 years old are reporting erectile dysfunction due to excessive pornography consumption as teenagers. As teenagers reach puberty, physical changes occur that bring a new curiosity about sex and ...

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Big Sleep Survey | Cyber Experts | parenting | sleep
Study finds Aussie Teens are sleep deprived due to overuse of devices

Are your kids getting enough sleep? Probably not according to a new survey of 1,000 teenagers and parents. The survey found Australia’s youth feel sleep deprived and are using electronic devices for over four hours every night.

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | parenting | sharing | sharenting
How to share family photos safely

There's quite a lot of conflicting advice floating around the internet about taking & posting photos of your kids online.  How many are too many? Are we potentially breaching their privacy? Will they be embarrassed of all their baby ...

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | parenting | esports
A Parent's Guide to eSports

An insightful explanation of the online gaming world, for the parents of gamers Gaming has always been a popular activity among young people. Today, however, online gaming is far increasing in popularity from the traditional offline games ...

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | parenting | esafety | 13reasonswhy
Specialists seek to ban 13 Reasons Why

'13 Reasons Why' is a recently launched Netflix series which deals with issues of teen rape, bullying and suicide. The 13-part series follows main protagonist Clay as he listens to 13 audio tapes left behind by Hannah to explain her ...

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | parenting | esafety
How to have the eSafety talk with your kids

Some might say the parents of today’s generation are facing a disadvantage when it comes to technology ... For some, their children are already more advanced than them and for others, they’re tasked with introducing their child to ...

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | parenting | catfish | catfishing | stranger danger
What parents should know about Catfishing

Aside from being an online predator, the term used for a person who poses online as someone else in order to manipulate victims is a “Catfish”. Parents are already well aware that not everyone on the internet is who they say they are. ...

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