Limit Gaming

Family Zone’s flexible parental controls can be used to limit your child’s gaming

How do I limit gaming on my child's devices like PC, Xbox, Playstation, mobile phone, tablet and Nintendo?

If you’re worried about the time your child is spending on a specific game, you can either block it entirely or set firm rules around access (e.g. allowed during play-time only, or allowed on weekends only). Fortnite, for example, is one of many individual games that you can manage with Family Zone.  

With these individual controls, you can disable access with a single click, via the Family Zone app.

Some parents may choose to set time-use rules around the entire gaming category, rather than focus on specific games.

By default, Family Zone blocks all games during designated study times.

At the sleep-time you set, access to all online content is blocked, games included. 

Gaming that takes place on consoles - Xbox, Wii, Playstation or the like - can be managed via the Family Zone Box, a router that gives parents one-touch control over all devices that connect to the home network. *Please note the Family Zone box is currently unavailable.

Did you know

The World Health Organisation now includes "gaming disorder" and "hazardous gaming" as part of its list of behavioural disorders.

Family Zone can help manage gaming for your family

From advice and alerts to help setting screen time limits and device sleep times, Family Zone makes managing gaming easy.

Set study time, play time and sleep time

Block games while they do their homework. Allow more access during play time. Disable the internet entirely when it’s time for sleep. Simply set it - and forget it.

Manage individual games

Worried about a specific game like Fortnite? Family Zone offers individual controls to let you fine-tune your children’s access to these and many other games - or block them entirely.

Get advice, reports & alerts

Choose a cyber expert to get practical advice and insights tailored to your family’s needs, including the latest reviews on games and their suitability for your family.

Protect every device, everywhere

Manage gaming settings on every device connected to your home WiFi, including gaming consoles, and apply the same settings on your child's mobile devices.

Parents love Family Zone

“You guys deserve medals! We have got our son back from a downward spiral. My son is actually doing his homework now. We can’t thank you enough, this is what technology should be used for - to benefit the entire family. A truly amazing transformation. You have my complete admiration.”

- Kevin Hobson, Australia