Limit In-App Purchases

‘Free’ games and apps can end up costing parents a lot

How do I stop in-app purchases on my child's phone?


Family Zone lets you control exactly which app purchases your children are allowed to buy.

Many of the most popular apps and games are free to play, but offer paid features that enhance or extend the user’s experience or give them an advantage in competitive game-play. In-app purchases make many millions of dollars in revenue for the developers of “free” games - and children are easy targets for these add-ons.

Did you know

In its first year as a free download, Fortnite grossed over US$1 billion in revenue from in-app purchases.

In-app purchases can really add up

In-app purchases can take the form of “skins” (or costumes and accessories for avatars), bonus points, in-game currency, upgrades, etc. Children often accidentally make in-app purchases - sometimes totalling hundreds of dollars - which only become apparent when mum or dad’s credit card statement arrives.

How can kids buy something ‘accidentally’?

It’s easier than you might think. In order to download anything from the App Store or Google Play - even free games and apps - a credit card is required. When users are prompted within a game to add a premium feature, and they agree, that credit card will be charged automatically, with no additional notification.

Not all apps offer in-app purchases. Those that do will be clearly marked as such in the App Store or Google Play.


Problem solved, with Family Zone

Worrying about your child's app downloads and in-app purchases are a thing of the past once you install Family Zone.

Manage in-app purchases

Easily disable in-app purchases with Family Zone.

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Worried about Instagram? Fortnite? Family Zone offers individual controls to let you fine-tune your children’s access to these and many other apps and games - or block them entirely.

Get advice, reports & alerts

Choose a cyber expert to get practical advice and insight tailored to your family’s needs. Plus real-time alerts whenever an app is downloaded and weekly reports of your child’s activity delivered straight to your inbox.

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