Parental Controls

Tools that empower parents to manage their children’s devices are must-haves for today’s digital families.

What are parental controls?

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Quite simply, parental controls are tools that allow parents to manage their children’s device use and internet access.

Parental controls may be set at the network level - for example, to manage all devices connected to your home WiFi, whether mobile devices, PCs, smart TVs or gaming consoles.

They may be set on the device itself - whether smartphone, tablet or laptop - to allow parents to manage that device no matter where it is or how it connects to the internet.

Family Zone’s trusted parental controls handle all of these functions, simply and seamlessly.

Did you know

Two-thirds of children think parental controls are a ‘good idea’ and help protect them from adult content, according to a new survey by online safety organisation Internet Matters.

How do parental controls work?

In the simplest terms, parental controls allow parents to manage what children do online, and when they do it.

Parental controls can;

  • Filter and block inappropriate content, for example violence and pornography
  • Set time limits and daily routines for online activity
  • Selectively block or allow individual apps and games
  • Locate devices
  • Set different profiles so that each family member has an access level that is appropriate to them

Why choose Family Zone parental controls?

Family Zone is Australia’s leading provider of parental control solutions, and is used by more than 350,000 satisfied customers around the globe.

Protect every device, everywhere

Our mobile apps allow parents to manage their children’s internet activity on any mobile device, anywhere - from the convenience of their own smartphone.

Protect your home network

The Family Zone Box provides control at the network level, enabling parents to manage any device that connects to the home WiFi, including gaming consoles, smart TVs and guest devices, while retaining an unfiltered network for adult use.

Locate your children’s devices

No matter what operating system they use - Android or iOS - or which one mum or dad use, you can locate their devices instantly, from your own smartphone or tablet.

Get advice, reports & alerts

Choose a cyber expert to get practical advice and insight tailored to your family’s needs. Plus weekly reports of your child’s activity delivered straight to your inbox, and enriched content to keep you up-to-date with the latest online trends.

Parents love Family Zone

“You guys deserve medals! We have got our son back from a downward spiral. My son is actually doing his homework now. We can’t thank you enough, this is what technology should be used for - to benefit the entire family. A truly amazing transformation. You have my complete admiration.”

- Kevin Hobson, Australia
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