Identifying at-risk students

The online and physical worlds are merging in every sphere of modern life - and education is no exception. The resulting risks are well known. But there are also benefits. Schools’ ability to identify at-risk students is one of them.

In a pre-digital world, educators assessed at-risk students based on their physical behaviour alone - and provided support appropriately. Now, students’ online behaviour can provide another source of data for identifying the red flags that may indicate a student is in difficulty.

Family Zone School offers:

  • Search-Term Reports - tabulating keywords used in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Video Reports - showing Youtube and other video content viewed.
  • 'At Risk Users' Reports -  identifying unusual or 'outlier' student online behaviour

These reports can be used by school guidance counsellors and senior school leaders to support both individual students and the wider student body.

Dashboard Overview: At-Risk Users

Family Zone School aggregates behavioural data to identify students who may be regularly accessing or sharing offensive content on school grounds, or who may be searching for inappropriate content.

Keeping students safe online

We'd be delighted to discuss how Family Zone School could work for your school community. Visibility, accountability, and age-appropriate filtering assist good digital citizenship practices.

For a demonstration, or to learn more, email us at

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