Cyber Safety | BYOD | 1:1 | coronavirus | online learning | equitable learning | remote learning

The Pursuit of Safe & Equitable Remote Learning: Three Success Stories

The creation of equitable learning environments is a key aim for education in Australia and New Zealand, but it’s a challenging goal and one that took on an entirely new dimension recently with the need to roll out remote learning programs. We followed three schools as they took up the challenge and proved that, although bumpy, the road to equitable learning is well worth the ...

Cyber Safety | BYOD | 1:1 | coronavirus | online learning | equitable learning | remote learning
CathEd Parramatta Ensures Equitable & Safe Online Learning

With schools across the country implementing remote learning programs, questions have been raised about how to provide online education in an equitable and safe manner.

Cyber Safety | parenting | BYOD | 1:1 | coronavirus | online learning | equitable learning | remote learning
How Schools Can Support Parents During Remote Learning

We have seen the amazing job schools have been doing pulling together and executing their remote learning plans. Teachers still have an enormous challenge ahead of them in modifying teaching methods to fit the online delivery of lessons. ...

online safety | Duty of Care | school filtering | BYOD | 1:1 | coronavirus
Free filtering & screen visibility tools to support remote learning - COVID-19 response

Family Zone Education is offering free tools to ensure students are safe online and focused on learning while at home, for Australian & New Zealand schools have adopted remote learning programs due to the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Mobile Apps | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | BYOD | 1:1 | classroom management | Blended learning
How technology is changing education

BYOD (bring your own device)

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