Cybersafe Community Program

A holistic approach to cyber safety and digital citizenship

To create a learning environment where they can thrive, children need rules and boundaries. And in today’s connected classrooms, where potential distractions and dangers abound, they need them more than ever. But as educators, we face a larger task too: guiding students toward responsible and informed use of technology.

The Complete Solution

Collaborating to create a school community where students thrive

The Cyber Safe Community Program is a holistic solution that delivers a powerful bundle of technology plus access to an exceptional team of education and engagement specialists. And it’s your best guarantee of a digital safety and wellbeing program tailored precisely to the needs of your school community.


Powerful Technology

The Cyber Safe Community Program gives you access to Family Zone’s full suite of solutions

Holistic School Internet Management

School Manager

Minimise workload and maximise compliance with our powerful network filtering platform.

  • Cloud-managed
  • Layer 7 Application Control/Deep Packet Inspection
  • Granular reporting for Student Wellbeing and
  • Pastoral Care staff
  • Traffic Shaping Capabilities (including Quality of Service/QoS, Priority QoS, Load Balancing/Failover, Link Selection
Eliminate distractions in the classroom


Give classroom control back to teachers - screen and content visibility of ALL devices in their classroom, including BYOD and 1:1.

  • See internet activity for individual students
  • Lock access for class or students
  • Open new tabs for class or students
  • Create your own filtering policies for your own classroom
  • Focus the class, restricting access to specific sites or apps
Extended protection

Mobile Zone

Monitoring, management and filtering of 1:1/BYO/Personal devices. Safer students. Fewer distractions. Better outcomes.

  • Stop hotspotting and VPN usage
  • Collaborate with parents to ensure end-to-end protection
  • Transition seamlessly from school to home settings

Powerful People

Integrating next‑level technology with next‑level expertise

Guidance and support

Cyber Experts

Delivering education sessions and supporting you in curriculum design, policy formulation and compliance. Acclaimed academics, educators, psychologists and law‑enforcement professionals, cyber experts will consult with staff and across your entire school community to provide up‑to‑the‑minute research, advice and support.

  • Parent, student and staff education sessions
  • Incident management
  • Reviews, surveys and research
Your success is our success

Community Engagement Team

Assisting you to achieve your education and safety outcomes is our goal. The School Community Engagement Team are education specialists dedicated to the success of your cyber safety program. Our team will help reduce school workload while ensuring a seamless roll‑out of your Family Zone solution.

  • Webinar support for parents
  • School landing pages
  • Shareable content

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“The Family Zone ecosystem is unique in providing a complete end-to-end solution for schools in terms of duty of care and educational outcomes, with the addition of community engagement and support.”

Yugon Chobanoff
IT Director, John XXIII College