Supporting Remote Learning

Protect & Focus School Devices Sent Home

Schools and parents struggle with the realities of delivering online learning.

Issues such as ensuring students stay focussed during their study time, equitable access to devices, and keeping students safe while online at home are commonplace.

Family Zone's unique tools are able to help schools and their communities address all of these challenges and more. 

School-owned & 1:1 devices

For schools wishing to send home devices, Family Zone tools can ensure that the devices experience the same sort of filtering that they would as if connected to the physical school network. In many situations we are able to roll out protection quickly and easily onto school devices and on a short term, per-device basis - ensuring your students are free from distraction, focussed on learning protected from online harms. 

Is my school eligable?

To be able to quickly and easily roll out protection onto your school-managed devices we need the following criteria met:

  • Devices to be school-managed with no user admin rights available
  • Using a cloud-based directory
  • Software able to be deployed to the devices either while at school or at home
Alternatively, if you operate in a Google environment / Chromebooks we will be able to assist.

How do I register my interest?

Please fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch to explore your options.


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