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Product Updates - July 2019


New Features and Enhancements


Whitelist Specific YouTube videos

YouTube can be a powerful learning tool, but also a big distraction for students.

Schools can now block YouTube on a global level with School Manager, but have the power to whitelist (unblock) specific YouTube videos.

FOR IT STAFF: This new feature also allows IT Staff to create filtering rules that support objects with wildcards (YouTube requires SSL certificates to be installed and/or the Chrome extension).

For more information, please contact support via the details below.


Student Dashboard Interface Enhancements

The School Community Platform is now easier to navigate.

We’ve refined the School Community Platform’s student dashboard interface to be less cluttered and easier to navigate.

See the how-to video and guides below for more information:

- SCP Update Video
- Feature Guide: SCP - Students
- How to: Update a Student's IDs
- Feature Guide: SCP - Students’ Details


Windows and MacOS Agents - 24x7 and Packet Filtering editions

Mobile Zone makes keeping kids safe online even easier.

Mobile Zone’s Windows and MacOS agents now provide packet level filtering which brings far more comprehensive filtering and reporting and stronger student tamperproofing, while schools can now also use these agents to enforce school filtering policy 24 hours a day on laptops if required. 

For more information, please contact support via the details below.


Authentication Agents for Windows and Mac

Give your staff and students seamless authentication onto your school’s network.

School Manager already has an authentication agent to help users authenticate automatically on Chromebooks, and now you can do the same on Windows and Mac computers.

For more information, please contact support via the details below.

Our support team is available to help you set up all of the new features.

Get in touch with them below:

email: edusupport@familyzone.com

AU: +61 03-9007-0484

NZ: +64 0800-445-206

US: +1 844-723-3932

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