Webinar Recap

How Family Zone Can Protect Students Online
Learning at Home Anywhere, Anytime

How Family Zone Can Protect Students Online Learning at Home Anywhere, Anytime
With Saunil Hagler

Hosted by Saunil Hagler, Family Zone’s NZ Education Director, the webinar demonstrated how the Family Zone platform can be instantly deployed to:

1. Immediately protect against pornography and other age-inappropriate content
2. Prevent distractions during learning time eg. social media
3. Empower teachers with simple to use classroom tools that help keep students on-task
4. Empower parents with tools to manage screen time and protect their kids online

Empowerment for schools, teachers and families as they embark on an unprecedented and challenging online learning journey.

You can watch the recording on this page. 

About Saunil Hagler:

Saunil_Hagler_HeadshotSaunil taught for 10 years across a variety of ages and curriculum areas.  His postgraduate studies in eLearning led him out of the classroom and into professional development for teachers, then eventually to cyber safety, where he now leads a team of talented people which helps New Zealand schools and communities support & protect young people’s digital journeys.  Connect with Saunil on LinkedIn.

About Family Zone:

Family Zone is a global cyber safety and security provider trusted by over 1300 schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK. They support over 300 schools in New Zealand, from small primary schools through to some of the largest secondary schools. Their solutions provide schools and families with the tools they need to protect and support every child’s digital journey. 

Webinar Recording

Webinar NZ - How Family Zone can protect students online

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