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Cyber safety for students
at school, at home and when mobile.

Chosen by over 300 premier schools, the Family Zone cyber safety ecosystem is a suite of unified products and services that provides an unrivalled cyber safety experience for your school community.

How it works

Family Zone helps schools maintain duty of care by removing mobile device distractions and keeping students safe online.


School Zone

School Zone is a student welfare service that keeps your students safe and secure when they’re using the school’s Internet and provides the tools they need to become good digital citizens.

Mobile Zone

Mobile Zone is a ground-breaking new service that helps you maintain your duty of care by ensuring that students using 3G/4G/LTE mobile devices are protected on school grounds.

Cyber Experts

Our Cyber Experts are independent providers of cyber safety advice and services to schools, parents and the community.

Benefits to your school community


Keeps your students safe online

Develops responsible digital citizens

Ensures duty of care is maintained

students at risk


Empowers teachers in the classroom

Improves teaching and learning outcomes

Protects your school from cyber threats

Flexible - parents control access outside of school

The Family Zone Ecosystem

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