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Technology is good. But people make it better.
That’s where cyber experts come in.

If you’re like most concerned digital parents, you already know cyber safety is important.

But… then what?

Where do you even begin to set boundaries and restrict content? If only you could ask someone who had all the answers.

Now you can. Family Zone offers a world-first: specialist support from a cyber expert you select from our acclaimed team.

Our experts are academics, educators, psychologists and even former cyber detectives - all of them sharing the same mission: to keep your children safe, healthy and responsible online.

How cyber experts help parents

Ongoing advice

Giving parents valuable, up-to-the-minute insight into how children are using technology, with updates on the latest apps, social media trends and online risks.


Leveraging their expertise and research to set practical, customised schedules and calendars to meet your family’s needs.

Tailored safety settings

Delivering age-appropriate controls for websites, applications, games and social media for every member of your family.

End the guesswork. Ask a cyber expert. Evidence-driven advice and support, whenever you need it.

Meet the experts

The Foundation cares for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence; reduce the incidence of bullying, cyber bullying and other cyber risks; and, advocate for the safety and wellbeing of children.

Your Choicez is the solution for every parent, every home and every child. In partnership with Family Zone we provide a stress-free, web-based filtering service where all the hard work has already been done. Our hope is to enable every parent, regardless of their understanding of technology, to provide a safe online environment in their home.

ySafe has provided online safety education to over 70,000 students, families and school staff Australia wide.

ySafe’s expansive multi-disciplinary team of Clinical Psychologists, Teachers, Education Specialists and Child Development Experts work collaboratively with clients to develop evidence-based, practical solutions.

Internet Safe Education provides a community where parents, carers and those interested in the health, safety and well-being of children in an online environment can access the most credible, up to date resources available worldwide. Our simple yet powerful advice will have a positive impact on how your family lives within the digital world.

I believe that education and parental control technology are the keys to staying safe online. Adults and children need to be educated about how their technology actually works, as well as understand how to keep themselves safe online, through behavioural changes and privacy and safety settings.

Schools, Governments, Elite Sports, Education Departments and Social Media companies choose me as their expert of choice. No other person in Australia has my level of experience, skills and qualifications obtained over 23 years working in the online space.

I’m Dr. Kristy Goodwin, and I take the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age. I arm parents with facts, not fears, about the best ways to parent when it comes to technology. I help parents ditch the techno-guilt + raise happy, healthy kids who thrive online and offline.

I'm an IT geek, a parent, a believer in lifelong learning, a passionate educator and a frustrated musician.

I am also a High School IT teacher here in Western Australia. This is a job I love. I work with an amazing team and an engaged community.

My name is Kim Maslin and I am a West Australian educator who is passionate about digital technologies and developing healthy life-long learning habits. Being a digital native I have grown up with the Internet and been around social media for the better part of my life! This has given me first-hand insight into how children and teenagers use these technologies, and the risks that can arise.

With a passion for keeping kids safe and smart online, I am able to merge my professional work and research with the personal experience of raising kids today. With advice, understanding and realistic strategies, parents are able to incorporate technology into their daily lives in a way that minimises the risks, whilst allowing them to take advantage of all the many wonderful benefits this new world has to offer.

The Tech Mum was launched to educate parents on internet safety for their families. If you feel like you don't know what your kids are looking at online or what they are doing on their devices, then you've come to the right place. As parents, we make it our business to guide our children in their everyday lives and endeavours by giving them skills to practice and tools to use. Why would it be any different when it comes to technology?

Information Technology can be a great resource and learning tool for children, but unfiltered access can lead to discoveries that could be harmful to your children. It’s important for parents to understand the real possibilities and understand the best practice for protection for as long as your family needs it. We don’t endorse overly strict regimes, just the importance of providing a suitable technology environment that is appropriate for the different stages of a child’s life.

Intro to cyber experts