Cyber Bullying | Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | family | parenting | routines

How you can help protect your kids from cyber bullies

There have always been bullies. but how has the typical bully changed since we were kids? Long before technology became such a prevalent part of daily life, there were bullies. People who prey on those weaker than them to convey to their peer group that they’re stronger, smarter or better than others. They’re insecure within themselves and they feel the need to make someone ...

Parental Controls | Cyber Safety | Cyber Experts | family | parenting | routines
Back to School routines to keep everyone smiling

now The kids are back at school, here are some handy hints on settling them into a screen routine  In her latest blog, our Education Manager and mother of two Jess shares her experiences on screen routines. If you'd like to keep up to date ...

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