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Screen time digital parenting teens on social media

The ultimate threat

Two-thirds of parents say their “ultimate threat” is taking away their child’s devices. But does it work?

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Screen time online predators

It's the world's most popular app. And you've probably never heard of it.

With more downloads than Snapchat, Spotify and Gmail combined, the popular lip-synching app formerly known as is now TikTok, following a buy-out and re-brand earlier this month. There are now 300 million more reasons for parents to worry.

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Screen time sleep computer vision syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome: blink and you might miss it

Does your child regularly spend more than three consecutive hours in front of a screen?

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Screen time online gaming sleep

Is your child hooked on Fortnite? Here's how Family Zone can help

If you’ve been fighting a losing battle to lure your child away from Fortnite, you’re in good company.

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dark web hazard apps TOR

What parents need to know about the Dark Web

Disappointing mock exam results sent a 16-year-old schoolgirl to a suicide chatroom on the Dark Web. The next morning, she was found dead.

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online predators digital parenting online chat

Paying attention to screen-time and ADHD

If your teen is constantly online, it may simply be a sign of the times. But it might also be a red flag for deeper issues.

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