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Screen time peer pressure sleepover

Smartphones and sleepovers: Why even nice kids can go feral, and what to do about it

When journalist Susan Maushart decided to impose a six-month digital detox on her three teenagers, their first reaction (once the shrieking died down) was “But what about our friends?”

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Screen time tiktok

When "everybody" has the app - except your child

You’re in the car with your 9-year-old and her precociously tech-savvy friend.

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Screen time tiktok

It's the world's most popular app. And you've probably never heard of it.

The lip-synching app TikTok has just surpassed Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat as the most downloaded app in the world, following a recent buy-out and re-brand. There are now 500 million more reasons for parents to worry.

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Screen time smartphones

A smartphone from Santa? The 6 things parents need to consider first

This holiday season, many kids have only a single item on their wishlist: a smartphone. It's a big decision for parents. How can you be sure you're making the right one?

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Screen time smartphones instagram

Is your child Insta-ready?

Mum Judi Ketteler admitted she’d caved.  Sustained pester-power from her 9-year-old son finally won the day, and she allowed him to get an Instagram account.

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Screen time smartphones online pornography

Child-on-child sexual assault on the rise

Child-on-child sexual assaults are on the rise “across all education sectors and demographics” in what experts are saying are copycat attacks - as kids re-enact the pornography they’ve viewed online.

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Screen time app reviews

How to choose great apps for your child

Do you worry about your kids’ screen-time? OK, that was a rhetorical question. Of course you do.

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Screen time distraction Fortnite

How can "free" games like Fortnite earn billions?

Sick of Fortnite yet? More than 125 million gamers worldwide beg to differ. The addictive battle game has been dominating the gaming world ever since its release in September last year - and shows no sign of surrender.

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