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Mobile Apps sexting

Face the facts. Your teens are sexting.

Like it or not - and most parents absolutely hate it - sexting is a fact of life for today’s young people. And acknowledging that uncomfortable truth has prompted the Australian Medical Association (AMA) to take action.

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Mobile Apps sexting

"Porn pressure" leading to sexting as early as Year 7

Kids are now sharing naked photos online as young as 11 and 12 - and so-called “porn pressure” is a likely reason why, say experts.

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Mobile Apps sexting

Two cheers for sexting?

If sexting “is consensual and both teens want it and are OK with it, you are not going to see negative psychological health.” Or so insists the co-author of a major sexting study published last month in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Mobile Apps sexting

What parents need to know about sexting

Parents give their teens a smartphone so they can stay in contact with them. But, for teens it's the key to their social life. 

Majority of teens just use their smartphones for social media or watching YouTube on the go, but with a camera at the ready and someone they like asking for a nude photo  - it’s very easy for even the most sensible teens to get caught up in sexting.

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Cyber Experts sexting

What happens when young love turns sour in the digital age?

so much has changed since we had our first crush. teenage romances can have alarming outcomes when things turn sour.

In her latest blog, our Education Manager and resident mummy blogger Jess shares her experiences from working at WA Police and the very frequent and numerous cases of Revenge Porn. If you'd like to keep up to date on cyber safety advice and app reviews, subscribe to our free monthly newsletter using the link (above right on desktop, below article on mobile). 

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snapchat tinder instagram

10 tips for parents on dealing with "sexting"

Sexting might not have been part of your life growing up, but it is certainly part of your children’s.

It is usually just about them exploring, building relationships and having fun, however it can have serious consequences.

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