Mental health crisis in primary years linked to screen-time, social media

Primary school kids as young as five are self-harming, acting out and suffering from mood disorders at unheard-of rates - and social media and smartphones are being identified as a major contributing factor.

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I thought I was a good digital parent ... til the night it all came crashing down

I work in the field of cyber safety. So doing what I do and knowing what I know, I was pretty sure I was doing a good job setting screen-time boundaries with my four boys as well as having open conversations with them. Until the day it all came crashing down.

I have four boys aged 6 to 16. (And to get your questions out of the way: Yes, they do keep me busy. No, I wasn't trying for a girl. And yes, they all have the same father!)  
My 14-year-old is an amazingly talented athlete- the captain of his school’s basketball team, standout on the baseball field, etc. Between training, games and schoolwork, he normally doesn’t have much time to play games online. But about six months ago, when his seasons ended, he had some extra time on his hands and started to play Fortnite.

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netflix violence anxiety

5 Netflix Shows that You Need to Know More About

They all have some redeeming features - and a few have even received critical raves. But that doesn’t mean they’re  suitable for children and younger teens.


Based on DC comics character Oliver Queen, a billionaire’s son who returns to Sterling City after being stranded on a deserted island, seeking revenge under the guise of the Arrow. Featuring drinking, drugs, deaths and dark themes.

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