Cyber Safety for
Faith Led Schools

Keep students safe and support
evangelisation in the digital age



What are the must-haves for cyber safety in today’s faith led education?

Long gone are the days that simply restricting students access to certain websites on the school network equates to an effective cyber safety program. Supporting student online development, wellbeing & pastoral care, engaging & empowering the community, and supporting evangelisation in the digital world are all critical features of a comprehensive cyber safety program for faith-based education.

This minisite will discuss the cyber safety must-haves for different stakeholders across the education landscape.

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"As a Christian school, we feel it is really important to know and understand what our students can and can't see online. Being able to shape and guide our students in a worldview that is Christian, that is in line with the families' faith beliefs who send their kids to our school, is really important." Lyndon Calway, Chairo Christian School

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