Cyber Safety for
Faith Led Schools

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Cyber safety must-haves for: 
Dioceses & Umbrella Organisations

Flexibility and scalability
When providing support and protection for a large number of schools, staff, students & families, it is important that your cyber safety solution can be easily deployed at scale and flexible enough to suits the varying needs and wants of each of your schools. Furthermore, deployment at scale also needs to be cost-effective for the organisation.

Individual impact
Your cyber safety solution should not only provide protection across your school communities but also help improve learning and wellbeing outcomes for each student. This is achieved by providing individual visibility and reporting of internet use directly to school wellbeing and pastoral care staff in real-time.

Focus, protection & care 24/7
Keeping students focussed & safe is not limited to just school-managed devices or the physical school network. The ubiquitousness of the internet in students' lives means they need to be protected on any device (1:1, BYOD or personal) and on any network. And you need the ability to extend that protection beyond the school gate, through engagement and empowerment of parents, to ensure students can always be guided in line with the beliefs of the school and their families.

Cyber safety must-haves for:

linewize-Transparent-500px Individual Care & Protection at Scale

blue_tick Flexible & cost-effective deployment options; cloud-only, on-premise or hybrid

blue_tick Support for all programs (1:1, BYOD or hybrid) and all devices (iOS, Mac OSX, Windows, Android, & Chrome OS)

blue_tick Individual care and support with powerful reporting tools & student insights

blue_tick Protection on and off the school networks

blue_tick Engage and empower the entire community with tools, education and access to advice from world-renowned cyber safety experts


"This partnership (with Linewize) means a safer learning environment for our students.” - Greg Whitby, Executive Director, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

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"The Linewize web filtering solution has been a great addition to our school district. Their modern approach to content filtering delivers increased insights into our student's web activity and provides an additional layer of security with its modern approach to content filtering." - Demarius Gaither, Director of Technology, Fairfield County School District

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