Cyber Safety for
Faith Led Schools

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Cyber safety must-haves for:
Directors of Mission, School Leaders or Exec

Solve behavioural issues
The goal of a comprehensive cyber safety solution for faith led schools is not just to block students but to identify teachable moments and guide positive online behaviour. Being able to identify behavioural issues such as avoidance of filtering, hotspotting and unsafe internet use on an individual level - or identifying trends across the school or year groups - ensures your staff are equipped with the information necessary to implement positive behavioural change and keep students on the path of good digital citizenship.   

Support student wellbeing
School cyber safety is not really about technology, it's about student wellbeing. How technology can support wellbeing is by providing individual visibility and real-time, evidence-based alerts directly to wellbeing and pastoral care staff. This ensures timely and appropriate care & guidance can be provided to every student. 

Engage the entire school community
Keeping students safe online is a 24/7 issue. Therefore true cyber safety requires an environment in which technology, education and the community interlock and interact. Schools need to provide a comprehensive solution capable of protecting and guiding every child in their care and beyond the school gates. That means getting buy-in right across the school community: from staff, students and parents alike, ensuring children are guided in line with the beliefs of your school and your families.

Cyber safety must-haves for:



linewize-Transparent-500pxA holistic view of digital wellbeing
& school cyber safety

blue_tick Reduce distractions, identify teachable moments and reinforce positive behaviours at school

blue_tick Support student well-being & digital citizenship with advanced policy management and powerful insights

blue_tick Empower parents with education and tools to help guide & protect their children beyond the school gate

blue_tick Support your community with evidence-based, practical advice from world-renowned cyber experts

Chairo Christian College Logo"Linewize really allowed us to get a community-focused, engagement-focused product that gave us the tools, the resources and the training that we could provide to our families and staff on what it means to be a good digital citizen and how we can train and grow our students in a meaningful online world." - Lyndon Calway, ICT Services Manager, Chairo Christian School

Chairo Christian College Logo"Being able to really give them an environment that's safe to work within, as well as just showing them how to be good stewards of the resources that we're blessed with. I think as a Christian school, it's really important for us to be able to know and understand what our students are engaging with so that we can help them understand what these different things mean from a Christian worldview." - Lyndon Calway, ICT Services Manager, Chairo Christian School

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