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School-safe internet

Keeping students safe and focused with the flexibility to explore

In a world rife with VPNs, proxies, unsafe content and social distractions, providing appropriate access while keeping students safe and on-task is a major challenge

School Zone is uniquely designed for this reality. Our world-leading platform empowers your staff with the tools they need to guide, support, and monitor students’ online activity - and ultimately to achieve your school’s academic and welfare goals.

Best practise content filtering

Managing and monitoring internet us to ensure effectiveness and compliance.

  • Control websites, apps and videos
  • Create rules simply
  • Provide custodian alerts
  • Allow support for any device
  • Enable safe search and YouTube restrictions
  • Block VPN and proxy circumnavigations
  • Filtered searches and SSL traffic

Best practise classroom tools

Providing in-classroom insights and control

  • View real-time internet, app and video usage
  • View students' screens (on Chrome)
  • Focus students on specific lesson resources
  • Block or allow individuals or all students
  • Block or allow specific apps and websites
  • Initiate temporary overrides

Maintain security and duty of care on school network

Control web, app and video access on any device by any user

Eliminate avoidance via VPNs and proxies

Provide visibility and targeted control

Set expectations and provide transparency

Transform student use of the internet

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