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A unique partnership approach to cyber safety

Family Zone empowers school communities through the integration of technology and education

Creating a healthy digital generation

Family Zone delivers positive digital citizenship for your school with a holistic approach to cyber safety


Network Filtering: Best-in-class filtering and firewall service with School Zone

1:1 & BYOD management: Make learning devices safe. Everywhere.

Personal mobile management: Enforce school policy during school-time even when students disconnect from the school WiFi, with Mobile Zone

Advanced detection: Advanced machine- learning and MDM services

Options at home: Parents can easily opt in to parental controls at home


Digital Citizenship & Compliance: Built into Family Zone is the concept of “agreement.” Schools can set expectations for acceptable use, making compliance visible for students and staff


Cyber Experts: Tailor and deliver information for your school

Free Education series: Our School Partner Program includes free educational material for parents

School Community Engagement Team: Dedicated Engagement team to assist you in your cyber-safety journey


School policy: School Zone offers schools flexibility in what they permit, to whom and when. This allows schools to implement relaxed policies or easily apply focus where necessary

In the classroom: Teachers can view student internet use in real time, using screens that can

For parents: School Community Platform allows parents to opt in and seamlessly assume responsibility for students’ internet use outside of school

Understand class internet use

Monitor class and individual engagement

Family Zone provides teachers with a simple dashboard that displays the websites and applications that each student is using. Live visibility over classroom internet use allows teachers to identify which students are engaged with the lesson and those who are distracted or offline.

Guide and reward individual internet use

Family Zone enables teachers to discuss levels of engagement in a meaningful way with students. Teachers can reward constructive internet use and respond to inappropriate online behaviour with timely, evidence-based conversations.

Control class internet access

Focus internet use to specific sites and applications

Family Zone allows teachers to focus internet use (e.g. "Just IXL”) for the entire class or for specific students. Classroom internet controls allow teachers to adjust internet access to match the nature of the lesson.

Allow access to lesson related content

With Family Zone teachers can also allow access to lesson related content that is normally blocked in class. Teachers can use the classrooom tools to relax access (e.g. "Allow social media, even though its usually blocked") for a social studies class.

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