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The Partner School Program

A holistic approach to cyber safety and digital citizenship

Powerful technology. Powerful people. Exceptional support

The Partner School Program is a holistic solution that delivers a powerful bundle of technology ‑ and access to a powerful team of people. And it’s your best guarantee of a cyber safety solution that meets the needs of your school community.

Powerful technology

The program comprises Family Zone’s full suite of technology

School Zone

Firewall, web filtering and classroom tools. Delivering best‑practice duty of care, digital citizenship and well‑being outcomes for your school.

Mobile Zone

Acceptable‑use compliance for all BYOD, 1:1 and personal mobile devices at school, with optional parental controls to protect students outside of school hours.

School Community Platform

A world-first platform enabling schools and parents to work together on cyber safety. Schools manage devices during school hours and parents can opt-in to protect after school.

Home Zone

Fully integrated, world‑leading parental controls, protecting all devices in the home.

Powerful people

The integration of next‑level technology with next‑level expertise

Cyber Experts

Acclaimed academics, educators, psychologists and law‑enforcement professionals ‑ Cyber Experts will consult with staff and across your entire school community to provide up‑to‑the‑minute research, advice and support. Delivering education sessions and supporting you in curriculum design, policy formulation and compliance.

Leverage expert opinion in driving change

Integrate cyber education and technology

Access up-to-the-minute research

Deliver free, ongoing parent education

The School Community Engagement Team

Education specialists dedicated to the success of your cyber safety program.

Reducing school workload while ensuring a seamless roll‑out of your Family Zone solution, the team helps you communicate with families, provides resources and shareable content, engages Cyber Experts and delivers regular feedback. Ensuring you get the most out of Family Zone.

The Support Team

Family Zone’s expert support team will focus on supporting parents, freeing up your IT team to focus on critical school responsibilities.

Establish positive communication between schools and families

Drive parental engagement

Minimise school workload

Provide relevant, shareable content on cyber safety news and trends

Engaging your school community

Partner Schools also enjoy access to free Family Packs for parents. Each Family Pack provides Family Zone’s comprehensive cyber‑safety protection at home and on‑the‑go. Bundled Family Packs are a great tool for schools to target critical year groups, such as the first BYOD or 1:1 year.

Seamless services for school, mobile and home

Bundled Family Packs for allocation by the school

Visible commitment to the goal of cyber safety

Included parent engagement and education tools

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