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Cyber-safe personal mobiles

Making mobiles safe for school

BYOD and 1:1 are the new normal. But when school-mandated devices move between school and home, a range of challenges arise

More than ever, students are bringing personal mobiles to school. The resulting distractions and risks of this practice have been well established. Bans and “out-of-sight” policies have a role; however, they can be unpopular and difficult to enforce.

Family Zone enables schools to impose rules on personal devices during school time no matter what network they’re on. And it enables parents to seamlessly opt in to set their own rules outside of school hours.

Mobile Zone

Mobile Zone is a suite of applications which enable monitoring, management and filtering of personal mobile devices.

  • Supports all devices used in schools
  • Filters on 3G/4G and WiFi networks
  • Enables content/app filtering and safe search
  • Includes alerts and risk detection
  • Supports parents' opt-in/opt-out
  • Enforces school policy during school time
  • Leverages school-set calendars

Maintain duty of care when students hotspot

Reduce distractions and risks during school hours

Minimise workload for IT and admin staff

Improve student behaviour

Enhance education outcomes

Permit parents to opt in to parental controls

Encourage parental engagement

How it works

Set a policy for the years that need protection.
Then leave it to us.

Parents or IT install Mobile Zone

School policies are then enforced anywhere

Parents can opt in or out of parental controls at home

Schools are informed of risks & compliance

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