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what does it cost?

what does it cost?

Family Zone Service


✔ Cyber safety for 3 children

Mobile Zone App



✔ Protect smart devices on the go

Family Zone Box

$89 upfront

60-day money back guarantee

✔ Protect all devices at home



then $5.95/mth




  • Cyber safety protection for up to 3 children
  • Parental controls for web, social, gaming & more
  • Protects unlimited devices at home
  • Fast filtering technology
  • Unfiltered parent WiFi network
  • Family & Guest WiFi networks
  • Safe mobile device protection on the go*

*Limited to 6 Mobile Zone Apps for
filtered internet outside of home

frequently asked questions

How does Family Zone work?

Visit our How it Works page to see how Family Zone works.

Do I need the Family Zone Box?

The Family Zone box provides unlimited device protection at home and, combined with the Family Zone app, is the best way to provide maximum cyber safety protection for your entire family at home and on the go.

Can I get help with set up?

We’re passionate about cyber safety and want you to get the most out of Family Zone. Our expert Setup service is available to you free of charge. Click here to book a call and one of our team will call you to walk through set-up and answer any other questions you have about keeping your family safe online.

What if I have more than three children?

No problem, Family Zone can handle even the biggest families. You can easily add more children when you’re on the payment screen.

Can I try the box and return it?

Absolutely. We’re so confident that installing parental controls will change your family's life for the better that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Plus, Family Zone has no lock in contracts, ever.

What if my child has more than two mobile devices?

Not a problem. Purchasing the Family Zone Box protects unlimited devices at home, and if you want to protect more than two mobile devices outside of the home, simply add another "child" on the payment screen and you'll receive protection with Mobile Zone for another two mobile devices.