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Digital technology has opened up a world of possibilities. At the same time, it has multiplied potential risks, that as a College we have greater awareness of through SAPOL presentations and specific information shared with our community.

Our goal is to protect every student from exposure to online threats – from inappropriate content to cyberbullying. Therefore, all the Heritage Colleges in Australia have partnered with “Family Zone” a leading provider of cyber safety.

Family Zone has 3 components: (a) School Zone, (b) Mobile Zone and (c) Home Zone that enables students to be safe at school, at home and most importantly, "on the go" where they have internet access.

To enable us to protect your child whilst under our duty of care, they will need to have Mobile Zone installed on any device with internet access that they bring onto the school site. This software integrates seamlessly with School Zone and Home Zone. With your participation, this will then complete the circle of safety for your child.

We have arranged an account for you to access. This is available by the "Log in" button below. You will then need to activate your personal account when you receive your e-mail from Family Zone. This will enable you to set up your child with Mobile Zone so they can have the privilege of bringing a device into school from home.

All school owned devices will have School Zone and Mobile Zone installed which will work regardless of which filtering software you have at home

However, Family Zone allows you to apply age appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to and works seamlessly with Home Zone, School Zone and Mobile Zone making it a one stop solution. Also, Family Zone can provide access to advice from Cyber Safety Experts so you are kept fully informed and can confidently traverse the ever-changing options available.

Only by working together in a strong parent/College partnership can we meet our shared digital duty of care – at school, at home and everywhere in between, to help protect the next generation of our students from the potential risks of the internet.

Justin Robinson

Why we've chosen Family Zone

Trusted by the Australian Government’s eSafety commission

Endorsed by Australia’s leading cyber safety experts

Broad suite of devices

Enables delivery of our access policies across the school network and on student devices

School Community features

Offers both school and optional parent features allowing our school community to work together

Benefits for parents

With Family Zone, parents can opt to provide their children with the same protection they receive during school hours - at home and everywhere in between.

Safe content

Removes adult content for safe searching

Your Cyber Expert is

We've teamed up with Cyber Experts

A team of leading educators, psychologists and law-enforcement professionals specialising in online safety and education, Cyber Experts work collaboratively with Family Zone to provide world-leading research, advice and support to our School Community subscribers.

Jordan Foster, ySafe Founder and National Cyber Safety Expert
‘Australians of all ages have the right to access technology in a safe, informed and supported environment. ySafe is committed to helping schools and families provide a solid foundation for the young people in their care to navigate the digital world safely and productively across their lifespan.’

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