Why not let a trained installer set up Family Zone for you?

Family Zone is here to solve problems - not create them. Maybe you find the idea of DIY daunting. Maybe you just don’t have the time. No worries. Now you can book a trained installer to do all the heavy lifting - and get your account set up exactly the way you want it, in the comfort of your own home.

Your installer will not only set up your services, but also explain how to make changes down the track to ensure you’re getting the most out of Family Zone.

How an installer can help you

Account set up

Your installer will do it all - from activation to automating individual routines and controls for all members of your family.

Family Zone Box installation

Your installer will connect the Family Zone Box to your WiFi router to protect the devices on your home network.

Family Zone app management

Your installer will assist you in setting up Family Zone on your family's mobile devices.