Internet filters

A Family Zone internet filter helps you keep your kids safe
online by blocking age inappropriate content.

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What are internet filters?

Internet filters create a safe environment for children to surf the web. Family Zone allows you to protect your kids on any device. Whether they are at home on a laptop or outside on their mobile, they are shielded from harmful content. The internet filter gives you the power to restrict content on YouTube, social media, games and apps.

The Family Zone Box

While the Family Zone box filters your kid’s internet usage at home, it also provides an unfiltered Wi-Fi network for parents. It works on any home device whether it’s a Mac or Windows PC, so you can block harmful sites with ease. Connecting at the modem, it blocks or filters sites accessed on your home network connection. All without slowing down your internet speed.

“One in five children ages 10-17 have received a sexual solicitation over the Internet”

- Child abuse and the Internet

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Internet filters for mobile devices

With the Mobile Zone app, Family Zone also protects your kids when they are out and about. Get started by downloading the free Mobile Zone app onto your child’s device. Once it’s installed, you can start monitoring your child’s internet usage immediately. Easily track which sites your child visits as well as their internet searches, online discussions and gaming habits. Simply set up Family Zone to provide you with reports and alerts for each child's online behaviour.

You can also customise the internet filters and parental controls for each child. Or, alternatively, select predetermined filters based on their age. This ensures they only ever access age appropriate content at the right time. Use the default calendar settings to tailor your children's access to the internet, by adjusting the Play, School, Study and Sleep settings in our easy to use routine planner.

For the best internet filtering software use Family Zone. Protect your children on every device, everywhere, whenever they are online, find a plan that works for you or start a 30 day free trial.

"Along with establishing parental controls and regularly discussing cyber-safety with our kids, we also need tools that protect them when they’re online. Family Zone offers a complete solution to many parents’ digital dilemmas."
- Dr. Kristy Goodwin

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