A school community approach to cyber safety.

A message from the Headmaster

Dear parents and caregivers

As part of our ongoing commitment to our duty of care - to ensure our young men’s safety and well-being by providing a safe physical and emotional environment for our students – we have partnered with Family Zone.

Family Zone provides a broad suite of cyber safety services which help school communities keep young people safe online. They provide tools for both the school and families to use to gain visibility and management over children’s internet access, regardless of internet connection.  

You’ll receive more information regarding Family Zone in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please read the information below to understand how Family will help the school community to keep kids safe online.

On the School Network
Family Zone School Manager will provide visibility and management when students are connected to the school network during school hours. This will help keep students safe and focussed online. To access the internet via the school network students devices must be protected by the Mobile Zone application. Read on for information on Mobile Zone. Learn more

Off the School Network During School Hours
Family Zone’s Mobile Zone application can keep young people safe when they choose to use unsafe networks (eg mobile data), during school hours. Mobile Zone will enforce the school’s acceptable ICT usage policy and prevent students accessing inappropriate content. Any device a student brings to the school or boarding house needs to be protected by the Mobile Zone app. Learn more

For Families Outside School Hours
Parents can choose to use Family Zone outside of school hours to filter the internet (eg block adult content) and apply routines (eg study and sleep times) on up to 6 devices with the Mobile Zone app installed and activated. To use Family Zone Premium you need to set up your FREE account and install and activate our Mobile Zone app on your child's devices, see details below.

Family Zone Accounts
The school will create a private Family Zone account for every family. You will receive an email from Family Zone with instructions to activate your account. Once your account is set up, please watch the videos and follow the instructions on this website to install and activate Family Zone’s Mobile Zone software on your children’s devices and customise the settings for your family.  Contact at any time if you need assistance.

Privacy and Security
Please be assured that our school and Family Zone take your privacy and security seriously.  For more information - Privacy and Customer Detail & Security Policy.

We are committed to ensuring our students get the very best education and in today’s fast-moving times, technology is a key component. However, it’s abundantly clear to all, that technology is exposing our young people to risks. Our school is choosing to step-up up to these challenges.

Please read the ‘Policies’ detail linked below which explains our expectations for technology being brought to school.

Cyber Safety: It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Set up your Family Zone account


Install Mobile Zone on your children's devices


Run Mobile Zone and follow its instructions to activate

Once you have taken these 3 steps, your child’s device will automatically comply with our School Internet Policies during school time.

Benefits for parents

Safe content

Removes adult content for safe searching

Family Zone takes student and parent privacy seriously. Learn more here.

Learn more

A Day in the Life of a Digital Student

“Jamie” is a typical digital student. Find out what his life looks like before, and after, his devices are protected by Family Zone’s cloud-based cyber-safety solution - at home, at school and everywhere in between.

What does this mean for students?

We want to create cyber-safe school communities where students thrive, but we also recognise that implementing Family Zone can be a daunting time for some students. That's why we have created this video to explain what it means in practical terms for students at Family Zone schools. 

How to install Mobile Zone






Click the icon for your child’s device operating system for instructions.

Your school's chosen Cyber Expert is

We've teamed up with Cyber Experts

A team of leading educators, psychologists and law-enforcement professionals specialising in online safety and education, Cyber Experts work collaboratively with Family Zone to provide world-leading research, advice and support to our School Community subscribers.

Jordan Foster, ySafe Founder and National Cyber Safety Expert
‘Digital Citizens of all ages have the right to access technology in a safe, informed and supported environment. ySafe is committed to helping schools and families provide a solid foundation for the young people in their care to navigate the digital world safely and productively across their lifespan.’

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