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CYBER SAFETY INFO NIGHT on Wednesday August 8, 6pm

Dear Newlands College parents/caregivers

Newlands College is widely recognised as a leader in using digital tools to enhance learning. We are proud of what our students are achieving using digital tools to become confident, creative and connected lifelong learners.

It’s becoming clear that technology use is exposing young people to risks. The college has been managing these risks through a filtering system while student devices are connected to the college network. However, beyond the college network, we are dealing with increasing instances of sleep deprivation, rising rates of depression, gaming and social media addiction and access to online inappropriate to age-related material.

Newlands College is choosing to tackle these challenges and as part of our duty of care to ensure students’ safety and well-being, we have partnered with Family Zone.

Family Zone is a leading provider of cyber safety security services to both schools and parents. Family Zone allows parents to apply policies to student devices to ensure student safety and well being both in and outside of school.

The college encourages parents/caregivers to enrol their child’s primary learning device (the laptop they bring to the college each day) into Family Zone at no cost. This will allow parents to set rules around the device usage.

I would encourage you to:

  1. Watch the videos below and read the information under each one which explains things in more detail.

  2. Activate your Family Zone account through the email you've been sent. If you did not receive the email, please contact

  3. Follow the steps in the section 'How to install Mobile Zone' to get it running on your child's device.

Ngā mihi

Deb King

Acting Principal


Why we've chosen Family Zone

Endorsed by leading cyber safety experts

Broad suite of devices

Enables delivery of our access policies across the school network and on student devices

School Community features

Offers both school and optional parent features allowing our school community to work together

Benefits for parents

With Family Zone, parents can opt to provide their children with the same protection they receive during school hours - at home and everywhere in between.

Safe content

Removes adult content for safe searching




Mobile Zone is a downloadable app/application that's installed on your child’s device.

It allows us to apply our acceptable use policies during school times and gives parents the option of parental controls after school.




Parents need a Family Zone account to manage children's profiles and (optionally) manage parental control settings outside of school hours.

Our school will work with Family Zone to automatically create an account for you.

You will then receive an email from Family Zone with a link to activate your account.




The college would encourage all primary learning devices (the laptop that is brought to college on a daily basis) to have Family Zone’s Mobile Zone app/application installed.






Your support is important to us. If you are unable to make our Cyber Safety evening, please download the presentation below for more information about this new approach. 

Presentation Cover



Single Device Licence

We have negotiated a school-wide BYOD deal with Family Zone. Under this arrangement we will provide families of all students with a single Mobile Zone license for each child AT NO COST. This allows you to activate Mobile Zone on one device. This device should be the primary learning device (the laptop your child brings into college each day).

Special Offer Family Zone Pack

A special Family Zone Family Pack provides 6 Mobile Zone licenses to cover up to 6 devices.  The school has a limited number of Family Zone packages to give out, AT NO COST. These 6 device licences will be applicable until the beginning of 2019. These free packages are limited in number and will be given out at the Cyber Safety Information night on Wednesday, August 8th.


If any anyone with a single device Mobile Zone licence wants to upgrade from a single license to a Family Pack of 6 licenses, they can upgrade their account through the Family Zone portal once they have activated their account and signed in. This is available at a special education price of $59.00 for a 1-year subscription.




NOTE: Before installing Mobile Zone, make sure you have activated your Family Zone accountYou will receive an email from Family Zone with instructions. If you do not receive an email, please contact the school. 

For iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets:

1. On your child's device, visit the app store (Apple App Store/ Google Play Store). 

2. Search for the 'Mobile Zone' app and install it. 

3Load the app and follow the instructions to activate the app and tie it to your child's profile. You will be asked for an 'Activation Key' which you get in the Parent Portal.  Sign into your Family Zone account, select 'Devices', then 'Add Device', then 'Generate Key'.

Macbooks or Windows laptops: click here

For Chromebooks: 
Your child's school will push out the Mobile Zone software to your child's school Google account.  You do not need to install the software, but please follow the steps below to activate the software.

1. Sign into the Chromebook as your child using their school credentials

 2. Open the Chrome Web browser and locate the Mobile Zone extension that should be visible in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.
3. Click the extension then follow the instructions to sign into your Family Zone account and activate Mobile Zone on the Chromebook.

If your child also uses their own Google account on their Chromebook ( account), please also follow the Chromebook instructions here to make sure they are protected when signed in with their personal Gmail account.  The Mobile Zone extension must be activated for each Google account your child uses on their device.


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