Safe Search

Safe search prevents pornography and offensive content from showing in search results.

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Here at Family Zone we make sure to enlist some of the best specialists in the industry. Written in conjunction with Cyber Experts, we explain how to implement safe search into both Bing and Google search engines.

Turn on Safe Search in Google

Safe search prevents pornography and offensive content from showing in search results. It’s easy to activate safe search features in Google and Bing. Here we show you the steps you need to take to install safe search on your web browsers.

1. Go to Search Settings.

Google Safe Search

2. Under "SafeSearch filters," check the box next to "Turn on SafeSearch".

Safe Search in Bing

Within Bing you have the option of filtering material at a moderate level or a strict level. The 'Moderate' filter will block images and videos but it will not prevent text from explicit content appearing. The 'Strict' level will attempt to filter out all explicit content.

1. Go to Search Account Settings in Bing.

2. Select strict or moderate. This will depend on what type of content you want to block.

Bing Safe Search

3. At the bottom of the page, select Save.

“One in five children ages 10-17 have received a sexual solicitation over the Internet”

- Child abuse and the Internet

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How does safe search work?

Safe search prevents content of an adult nature from appearing in search results. However, both Google and Bing emphasise that their safe search functionality is not 100% accurate. Explicit content may still be accessed despite the filter being on. Your child can also bypass the safe search settings by simply using a different browser or device.

Safe search alternatives

The Family Zone website blocking software effectively blocks explicit content. Moreover, your child cannot easily bypass the controls you set. Using a combination of the Family Zone Box and app you'll create an internet filter for your child. This creates a safe online environment in the home and on mobiles to ensure that your child only accesses age-appropriate content. Start a free trial today for the peace of mind knowing your child will not be exposed to x-rated content.

For the full range of Family Zone features view our How it works section. You can also compare Family Zone against other parental control software.

"Along with establishing parental controls and regularly discussing cyber-safety with our kids, we also need tools that protect them when they’re online. Family Zone offers a complete solution to many parents’ digital dilemmas."
- Dr. Kristy Goodwin

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