Kids not getting enough rest?

Give devices sleep times so that the kids go to bed on time

Worried about what the kids are looking at online?

Remove inappropriate content for safe searching and viewing

Kids not getting enough exercise or spending too much time online?

Set routines for what kids can access, when, to get them back to being physically active

Worried about who your kids are talking to online?

Restrict social media use and the threats from strangers

How does Fam Zone work?

we've teamed up with cyber parenting experts

You’ll receive expert advice from industry specialists, providing information on the latest apps, sites and trends that all parents need to be aware of, plus custom designed age-appropriate settings for your Fam Zone account.

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what our customers say

What we hoped to gain was cyber safety. And that was achieved. What we didn’t expect was our kid’s changing relationship with their devices. The time management aspect of family zone “sleep & play & school” means we no longer have arguments. They have now almost lost interest in their devices. They play board games with each other and actually do homework. TRANSFORMING!!!!!!

Nicole, Australia

Very glad to of come across this product. It is part of my connectivity group now and fits right in. I feel very safe with my kids on their iPads. I know that Family Zone is there watching over them!! Great work!

Jeffrey D R, USA

The very best thing about Family Zone so far, peace of mind. I finally feel like I don’t have to hover over my 8 year old daughter’s shoulder at all times to see what she’s doing online. It’s such a relief to know that this device keeps her safe online.

Michael K, USA