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Effective control of VPNs and avoidance

Eliminating avoidance, reducing hazards


Our unique platforms combine to offer you an effective, world-first solution


Machine-learning VPN detection

Family Zone's unique machine-learning technology is constantly at work in the background, scanning and detecting the "signatures" and deceptive behaviour of VPN services. It is continuously learning the new ways students are using to bypass the system and subverting those attempts.

Once alerted, Family Zone immediately acts, blocking or shaping internet access and issuing notifications to administrators.

Hazardous app scanning

Family Zone's unique Cyber Expert program and extensive user base has allowed us to develop an unparalleled database of VPN and other encryption apps.

Our Mobile Zone technologies are constantly scanning student devices and working to notify both parents and school staff of attempts to bypass controls.

Benefits of VPN control

Eliminate VPN and proxy network violations

Identify hazards proactively

Improve student behaviour

Enhance education outcomes

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