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How technology is changing education

BYOD (bring your own device)

1:1 (one child, one device)

Blended learning (part online, part offline)

MOOC (massive open online course)

Just 10 years ago, these terms didn’t even exist. Today, we are witnessing a genuine revolution, as technology repeals the educational groundrules that have defined teaching and learning for centuries.

In a Google-powered world, students can access any content they want to, whenever they want to, online.


In its early stages, classroom technology amounted to little more than digital handouts. No more. With the integration of mobile devices, access to the internet is transforming how teaching takes place. And - possibly even more radically - how learning takes place.

How? Experts point to the decline of

  • Standardised, rote learning

  • Focus on individual attainment

  • Top-down classroom hierarchies

  • A consumption model of knowledge acquisition

And a growing emphasis on

  • Personalised, self-directed experiences

  • Collaborative learning

  • Flattened classroom hierarchies

  • A maker/creator model for learning


Classrooms were once the place where knowledge was “consumed.” Today, they are the places where knowledge is created. Before, teachers controlled the information environment. They “owned” information - and transferred it in measured doses to students.

But in a Google-powered world, students can access any content they want to, whenever they want to, online.

So where does that leave the classroom?

It leaves it with problem-solving, communication and collaboration. And it hands students extraordinary control over their learning.

The good news? Well, there’s lots of it - starting with findings that students learn more in environments where all this can happen.

The digital learning revolution has created new opportunities and new challenges for schools. Family Zone Education Solutions takes a uniquely holistic approach to keeping students focused, safe and balanced online. To book a demo or learn more, visit

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