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How Zone Manager benefits your school's families

Schools can protect student devices while they're on the school network. But what happens when those devices travel home?

Zone Manager makes it easy for parents to take over when the school day finishes. 


What is Zone Manager?

Zone Manager is an app for parents that lets them manage their children’s devices - restricting screen-time, limiting social media and gaming access, and setting study- and sleep-times -  from their own smartphone or tablet.

If a quick change in access or routine is needed, Zone Manager is the handy ‘remote controller’ that can make it happen any time, anywhere.

For instance, with Zone Manager, parents can quickly apply their child’s settings to any device that’s shared with them - and just as quickly restore their own.

It even allows mums and dads to disable kids’ internet access with a single tap.

How can Zone Manager help families at your school?

Family Zone’s ecosystem approach to online safety means the entire school community - educators and parents alike - collaborate to protect students and maintain their duty of care round the clock.

School settings to apply to devices during school hours, and parental management takes over at all other times. In this way, learning devices that travel between school and home are protected no matter what network they connect to. Children’s personal smartphones, laptops and tablets can also be managed using the Zone Manager app.

Bridging the gap

Family Zone is the preferred online safety solution for more than 650 premiere schools across Australia, New Zealand and the US. Our clients tell us the convenience and effectiveness of Zone Manager is one of the stand-out benefits of the Family Zone ecosystem.

“We realised there was no way we could simply hand students a device without a way to say to parents, ‘Outside of school time, you have control.’ 

“Before Family Zone, there was a great divide between school and home,” explains Josh Lyon, Head of Business Systems and ICT at Donvale Christian College in Victoria. “We realised there was no way we could simply hand students a device without a way to say to parents, ‘Outside of school time, you have control.’ With Family Zone, for the first time, there was a platform that enabled parents to be parents. That was the biggest advantage to us.”

Phil Casas, Associate Principal of Comet Bay College, a Family Zone senior school in Western Australia, agrees. “Family Zone gives parents the tools to be parents,” he says.

The Zone Manager app puts those tools are in the palms of parents’ hands - quite literally.

Download Zone Manager at the App Store or Google Play and get easy, animated instructions for activation and use.



Family Zone Education helps schools to create and enforce rules of use for every device students bring to school - and lets parents opt in to do the same after school hours.

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