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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps cyberbullying

Bullying and gender: It's not what you think

Move over, mean girls. Turns out the popular stereotype that females have a monopoly on backbiting, social exclusion and cruel gossip is just that: a stereotype. Boys do the exact same thing.

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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps BYOD

How technology is changing education

BYOD (bring your own device)

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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps sexting

Child-on-child sexual assault rising in schools

Child-on-child sexual assaults are on the rise “across all education sectors and demographics” in what experts are saying are copycat attacks - as kids re-enact the pornography they’ve viewed online.

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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps cyberbullying

Responding to cyberbullying: The top 10 tips for schools

One in five Australian students are victims of cyberbullying, and one in four reports of online harassment include “direct threats of violence or harm,” according to e-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant. And the problem is becoming “more complex, urgent and serious” she told the National Press Club earlier this month.

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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps online pornography

Managing student wellbeing online

The new system has given me a lot of great data to work with. That means kids at risk get flagged in a visual way so I can follow that up with our wellbeing team. For us, that’s a big positive. And it’s one of the main reasons we wanted the product in the first place, for our at-risk students.

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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps Parental Controls

The 12 Days of [Screen-free] Christmas

Technology is awesome, and we wouldn’t want to live without it … but too much of a good thing can suck the fun right out of family life, especially at holiday time. To help keep things jolly and bright all season long, here are 12 left-of-centre ideas for taking the troops off-grid.

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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps Parental Controls school holidays

5 ways teens are keeping busy these school holidays

With a month of freedom fast approaching, teens will be looking for ways to entertain themselves during the school holidays.

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Cyber Experts Mobile Apps Parental Controls technology

“God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains”

Is your gut telling you social media may be harming your kids? Turns out the people who invented the information age are alarmed too. They’re setting strict boundaries for their own families - and advising others to do the same.

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Cyber Experts

A breakthrough in Cyber Safety

Connection. It’s what families are all about - and it always has been. But as parents of the digital age, we are learning that connection can be both a privilege and a challenge.

A generation or two ago, families sat around a single table for meals and watched the same TV shows on a handful of channels. Today? Family life is more complicated - and more fragmented too. Our digital devices - from smartphones to laptops, tablets to gaming consoles - are portals to exciting new worlds of information, entertainment and interaction.

There is so much to celebrate about this brave new world we find ourselves parenting in. At the same time, our constantly connected families present new and at times frankly overwhelming challenges.

The first is simply managing the sheer volume of screentime our kids use. Young people are spending up to 4 hours a day on social media alone.

Even more worrying, the online world has brought more overt dangers into our homes too - cyberbullying, porn, sexting, gambling, and worse.

You may have tried to implement parental controls but found them to be too complicated or time-consuming or simply ineffective.  With so many devices to protect, and clever kids who know so much more about the technology than the grownups do, parents are fighting an uphill battle.

Until now.

Family Zone is a breakthrough

Family Zone gives you the control back, in a single easy-to-use internet portal. It effortlessly achieves all the boundary-setting goals you’ve been dreaming about for your family, including:

-  Blocking inappropriate content, restricting social media and moderating online searches.

-  Setting up routines and managing the amount of time kids are online.

-  Working on any device at home and on smart devices when kids are out and about.

Quite simply, Family Zone is the world’s most comprehensive approach to online safety. What’s more, it’s so simple to set up and easy to use, even a grown-up can do it.

Sign up to a Family Zone account and from there you can protect your family’s mobile devices with our Mobile Zone app, and protect every device connected to your home WiFi with our Home Zone Box.

Connect the Box to your WiFi modem and within minutes you’ll have a safe home WiFi network and personalised internet filters for your entire family. And it will operate on every internet-connected device, not just computers. Smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, tablets. Even visitors to your home will have their devices automatically protected by Family Zone.

What happens when your children take their mobile devices away from home? Thanks to the magic of the Family Zone App, Family Zone will go too. Even in the classroom. Family Zone’s technology has been designed to work in harmony with school technologies. This means your kids are safe everywhere: at home, at school, and when out and about.

Family Zone is recommended by Cyber Experts

Family Zone isn’t just about technology. It’s also about people. When you become part of the  Family Zone community, you’ll get access to our Cyber Experts. These independent professionals in cyber safety are educators, researchers, authors and consultants whose special area of expertise is online safety and sound digital citizenship.

A Cyber Expert will manage your Family Zone for you

As a Family Zone subscriber, you can choose a Cyber Expert who will set, manage and monitor your customised Family Zone settings. How? When you set up Family Zone, you'll be asked to register those family members you wish to monitor and protect. As you enter your children’s ages, your Expert’s recommended age-appropriate settings will be automatically assigned. As your children mature, their settings will evolve as well, automatically. You won’t need to do a thing - unless you want to.  

Of course, the internet changes constantly and so do potential risks to your family. But with a Cyber Expert Partner on constant alert, you can relax. All the hard work will be done for you.

Is anything simple in the digital age we live in? Actually, yes. Thanks to Family Zone, online safety for your children just got a whole lot easier.  

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