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The impact of the digital revolution on education

A new report released on the digital economy and society examines the impact of technology in schools as the new digital curriculum rollout gathers momentum.

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Buying an unlimited data plan for your child? Get set for unlimited distraction

No-limits data plans may be a boon for Australian consumers. But the move could put students at risk, freeing them from reliance on protected school networks to go free-range on their own data.

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What on earth is a Snapstreak?


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'Bring Your Own Digital Distraction' - BYOD and the new curriculum

While digital technology shapes the modern learning environment, teachers are increasingly dealing with digital distraction in the classroom.

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How digital learning is impacting our children

Shortened attention spans and the rise of “selfie culture” are among the negative impacts of digital learning on today’s students, according to a new analysis. On the up side, e-learning is also cultivating self-control, collaboration and cooperation. Maximising the positives while minimising the deficits depends largely on how schools approach the digital challenge.

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