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What's keeping your students up at night?

Least surprising statistic of the week: 95% of school principals think students spend too much time on devices when they’re not in school.

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Beyond cyber safety

Digital citizenship starts with safety - but it doesn’t end there.

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Are phone bans educationally sound?

Phone bans at school simply don’t work, many educators argue. And isn’t the whole idea counterproductive in today’s digital age?

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Screen time classroom management digital learning screens in school

When "smart" devices become cheating devices

Increasing numbers of secondary students are using their smartphones to cheat on schoolwork. Exactly what are they doing, and what can be done to stop it?

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Screen time Duty of Care digital citizenship classroom management

Classroom technology: What do students think?

Is technology in the classroom mostly a benefit to learning, or mostly a barrier? Educators have been debating the question for at least a decade. Yet the voices of the ultimate “end-users” - aka students - need to be included in the conversation, too.

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