Create a cyber-safe community where your students can thrive.

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In a world rife with VPNs, hotspots, unsafe content and social distractions, keeping your students safe and on-task is a major challenge.

Family Zone offers a suite of technologies and services empowering schools and parents to share monitoring, management and filtering of devices, and to help take a holistic approach to your students' cyber safety – anytime, anywhere and on any network.

Our consultants can help you better understand;

  • Current trends in student online behaviours
  • How and why students are getting past your current filters
  • How our technology can help address these negative behaviours
  • How Family Zone can help create a culture of cyber safety around your school community

Discover why over 2,000 schools across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States trust Family Zone to protect over 1 million of their students and ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

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Family Zone
School Manager

Integrated on premise and cloud filtering, SSL inspection and tools to control VPNs and hotspotting to reliably enforce school policy

Family Zone

The ultimate classroom management tool. Give management back to teachers with content visibility of devices in their classroom

Family Zone

Engage with your community to drive student well-being and digital citizenship. Providing parents with tools, resources and expert advice

Family Zone
Device Manager

Define and enforce standard device settings for school managed devices. Access Apple's Device Enrolment Program and Volume Purchasing Program