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Cloud Managed Layer 7 Firewall

Unified Access Management for School Networks

The Cloud Managed Open Source Firewall for Education

Layer 7 filtering and analytics

Application, user and device aware layer 7 connection tracking allows such criteria to be used with filtering policies, QOS prioritisation, and analytical reporting.

Identity management

Existing infrastructure integration with directory services, domain controllers and WiFi networks enables a unified approach to identifying and managing users.

Cloud management

Cloud based configuration management and analytical reporting enables remote multi-site management and unrivalled visibility over network performance and use.

Security through community

Our community approach to network security gives all network admins access to enterprise-grade features.

Cloud Managed Layer 7 Firewall

Enterprise firewall features without the price tag

Family Zone gives you an application, user and device aware firewall that includes multi-site cloud management and application based filtering and QOS. VM support enables deployment on existing hardware.

Multi-site cloud management

Monitoring how your entire network is performing has never been easier. With network traffic analytics visible from the cloud, you can easily diagnose and resolve network issues to ensure your network is delivering an optimal experience for staff and students.

Cloud Firewall Features

Cloud Management

Remotely manage a distributed network from one interface.

Real-time Traffic Reporting

Real-time reporting displays live data of the network status.

Configuration Snapshots

Cloud configuration backup ensures network resiliency.

Enterprise Grade Firewall

Advanced firewall that is user, application and device aware.

Easy VPN Provisioning

Stateful L2TP/IPsec provides VPN remote access, no client needed.

Bandwidth Control

Application specific QoS options maintain fast access to critical resources and sites.

Flexible WAN Configuration

Support for multi-path load balancing, failover and auto routing.

Automatic Remote Updates

Regular remote update process ensures ongoing network security.

High Performance Firewall

Kernel based connection tracking ensures maximum throughput.

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