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What's new in School Manager - March 2019


New Features


Keep students on-task by blocking students using VPNs, Anonymous Proxies and TOR with our Quarantine feature.

Put students into a “time out” when they try to use certain signatures e.g. VPNs, Anonymous Proxies or TOR, teaching them to use the Internet responsibly.

See the "How to setup Quarantine" video here.

Bypass Codes

Give teachers easy, secure control of the Internet in their classroom.

Teachers can generate Bypass Codes to distribute to their class that will open any blocked websites that are not “locked”. Examples of locked websites are normally Adult Content etc.

See the "How to use the Bypass Code" video here.

Clever Integration

Automatically populate Classroom with class timetable, teacher and student information.

By connecting School Manager to Clever via this new integration, all class timetabling, teacher and student information will be automatically available and dynamically updated, providing a powerful user experience.

See the "How to setup Clever Integration" video here.

Authentication agents for Windows and Mac

Give your staff and students seamless authentication onto your school’s network.

School Manager already has an authentication agent to help users authenticate automatically on Chromebooks, and now you can do the same on Windows and Mac computers.

Our Support team is available to help you set up all of the new features.

Get in touch with them below:


AU: +61 03-9007-0484

NZ: +64 0800-445-206

US: +1 844-723-3932

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