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Technical Guides

  • Family Zone Classroom

  • A guide to deployment for administrators

    Digital learning environments are supported by a proliferation of online tools, apps and cost-effective internet enabled devices. An increasing level of reliance on Internet access for learning, however, has introduced new challenges for teachers and educators in the classroom.

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  • Family Zone School Manager

  • A guide to Cloud Management of the Family Zone Appliance

    Modern networks are vast and complex. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Administrators must manage networks that may span the globe, and everyone within the organisation relies on internet access for information.

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  • Family Zone School Manager API

  • Family Zone School Manager API Documentation

    Family Zone School Manager employs a restful HTTP API following industry standards for cloud services. API requests are made using HTTP to our API endpoint secured using HTTPS TLS.

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  • Deployments and Network Topologies

  • A technical guide to deploying Family Zone School in different network topologies

    Computer networks come in many shapes and sizes. From a small network with an all-in-one WIFI router and a couple of wireless devices, to one that spans multiple campuses with several layer-3 switches or routers, hundreds of VLANs and multiple WAN connections. Your network topology and requirements will largely be determined by campus size, performance requirements and budget.

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  • Authentication and Identity Management

  • A guide to user authentication and identity management

    User authentication and identification are central to Family Zone Education Solutions. Identification facilitates flexible identity-specific filtering and reporting, and is crucial for network management in modern learning environments.

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  • Introduction to VPN-Based Filter Avoidance

  • A technical guide to using a statistical approach to identify and block unwanted VPN traffic

    For as long as network firewalls have existed, network engineers and vendors have been locked in a cat-andmouse game with the creators of filtering avoidance applications. The traditional vendor approach is to constantly de-compile and dissect filtering avoidance techniques, looking to find implementation quirks that can identify this traffic...

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  • Layer 7 Visibility and Control

  • A guide to application and layer 7 visibility and control

    In education, digital learning is skyrocketing with the proliferation of online tools, apps and affordable internetenabled devices.

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