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Website and App usage analytics

Ensure your digital learning program is properly managed and clearly understood

Internet usage transparency that educate digital citizenship

Policy from knowledge not assumption

Powerful reporting lets schools understand group and individual student internet use and set filtering policies from information rather than intuition

Evidence based conversations

Should a student be using the network inappropriately, Family Zone highlights this information to enable timely and fact based conversations to reinforce expected behaviour


Unrivalled visibility

Family Zone monitors your network use by capturing all traffic from every device and every user. Interactive reporting provides insight into internet and app use

Scheduled reports

Family Zone keeps you in touch with what is happening on your network with emailed reports detailing filtering hits, most popular websites, network data usage and more

Understand internet use

Measure return on investment for apps

The adoption of paid for online apps to assist student learning is ever increasing. Family Zone allows schools to determine the uptake and ROI for these apps by quantifying student and class use, so you can decide if more training is required or if your subscription should be cancelled

No teacher left behind

The shift to online learning practices can be challenging for teachers. Family Zone quantifies online learning uptake on a class by class basis so you can direct additional teacher development where needed

Identify unwanted behaviour

Stop students using VPNs to bypass filtering

Some students will attempt to bypass school filtering policy by the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. With Family Zone schools can address this issue by identifying student VPN use so that this behaviour can be addressed directly

Preserve bandwidth for educational activities

There's nothing like a slow internet connection to disengage online learners. Family Zone allows schools to identify which apps are consuming your data and prioritise or block their use during lesson time

Usage analytics features

Powerful reporting

Live reports, dashboards, and drill-down user and device activity.

User and Group Activity

Reports show all levels of activity, from the user to the organisation.

Drill-down Reporting

Interactive reports allow users to drill down on specific details.

Report Scheduling and Delivery

Schedule custom or repeatable reports which are automatically delivered.

Quantify ROI

Measure use of paid-for apps to determine if this is money well spent.

Direct Personal Development

Understand which teachers may benefit from training to improve digital skills.

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