A school community approach to cyber safety.

Cyber Safety Parent Evening - Thursday 7 March 6:30pm - 7:00pm

A message from the Principal

With our society’s increasing reliance on mobile devices, Scots College is continually working to provide ongoing support, guidance and protection for students, staff and parents from online harm while still allowing individuals the opportunities to take advantage of the educational advantages that the internet, gaming and mobile devices offer us.

Scots College has recently partnered with ‘Family Zone’, New Zealand’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness tools and services.  As part of this partnership, Scots is currently working with ‘Family Zone’ to create a private Family Zone account for every Middle School family. You will receive an email with instructions to activate your account after the upcoming parent evening.  Once your account is set up, please watch the videos and follow the instructions on this website to install and activate Family (Mobile) Zone on your children’s devices, and customise the settings for your family.

Please take time to read the ‘Policies’ link below which explains how we are distributing Mobile Zone licenses within our Middle School community and our ongoing expectations for technology use at the College.

Cyber Safety Parent Evening 7 March:
Download the presentation PDF here

Cyber Safety: It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Set up your Family Zone account


Install Mobile Zone on your children's devices


Run Mobile Zone and follow its instructions to activate

Once you have taken these 3 steps, your child’s device will automatically comply with our School Internet Policies during school time.

Benefits for parents

Safe content

Removes adult content for safe searching

Family Zone takes student and parent privacy seriously. Learn more here.

Learn more

A Day in the Life of a Digital Student

“Jamie” is a typical digital student. Find out what his life looks like before, and after, his devices are protected by Family Zone’s cloud-based cyber-safety solution - at home, at school and everywhere in between.

How does Family Zone work?

Family Zone keeps your children cyber safe across every device, everywhere. Designed by parents, for parents, our parental control app and router lets you filter content, restrict social media, block apps, manage screen times, disable camera features and more.

How to install Mobile Zone






Click the icon for your child’s device operating system for instructions.

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